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Restaurant being restored after damages

Helping Business Owners

Commercial Water Damage

SERVPRO of Southwest Raleigh and Holly Springs was called to this restaurant after discovering water damages. Our team of restoration specialists inspected the building before bringing in necessary equipment to begin the restoration process

We are thorough with our inspections, searching for the source of the damages and what inside the building has been affected. 

SERVPRO employee cleaning floor

Safely Cleaning and Restoring

After Hazardous Water Damage

When the water damages are classified as Gray or Black Water, our team prioritizes safety when removing and cleaning the affected areas. Often times, our team members wear PPE while cleaning up the water if there are potential contaminants. 

SERVPRO of Southwest Raleigh/Holly Springs is trained to handle any type or class of water damage

bathroom damaged by water and the flooring is damaged

Bathroom Water Damage

Cleaning Up the Water

Our team at SERVPRO of Southwest Raleigh knows exactly what to do after you experience a broken pipe in your bathroom. We will dry the area and restore what is needed. 

Don't hesitate when you find water damage in your home or business. Our team is available 24/7 to assist you after water loss! 

SERVPRO equipment all through a house

Our SERVPRO Equipment

Part of the Process

These air movers and extraction units help us remove and dry all the water in the affected area. We are strategic with placement and always assess the drying process

Not only do we use air movers, but we also use vacuums to remove any standing water on your property! Trust our team after water damage! 

laundry room water damage

Laundry Room Flooded

We're Here to Help

Sometimes your washing machine springs a leak. When these kind of disasters happen, our team at SERVPRO of Southwest Raleigh/Holly Springs are here to help. Our team is available 24/7 for laundry room flooding emergencies. 

Team member loading equipment into home.

Bringing Our Equipment

We Have What You Need

Our crew members just responded to a home in Raleigh, NC. This home had suffered from a water damage event when the homeowner was asleep and the unfortunate event was noticed in the morning. Our crew quickly responded and got to work!

Three team members in PPE.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Ready to Go

Our SERVPRO crew offers commercial decontamination and high-touchpoint cleaning services to give you as a business owner peace of mind when conducting your day-to-day operations in your Raleigh, NC, business.

Drying equipment on floor.

Leader in Water Mitigation in Garner, NC

Do you know who to call for your water damage cleanup and restoration needs after a loss in Garner, NC?

Our SERVPRO of Southwest Raleigh/Holly Springs team is the local leader in water mitigation in the area. We offer our services 24 hours a day and 7 days week. Call us today - (919) 944-4002.

Whole in ceiling due to loss.

Water Leak Left to Ceiling Damage

A leak in this Raleigh, NC, home left the ceiling with water damage. Though the extent of the damages wasn't very severe, it was important to remediate quickly to avoid mold damage.

Air movers on floor.

Drying Equipment Placed for Most Efficient Dry

Our SERVPRO of Southwest Raleigh/Holly Springs team strategically places the drying equipment in areas that will result in the most efficient drying process possible! Call our SERVPRO team for your water cleanup needs - (919) 944-4002.

smoke damage on ceiling of apex home due to kitchen fire

Fire damage may be minimal but smoke and soot can be devastating

Even when the fire is small, the damage will be resounding in your Apex, NC home.

Small fires can cause major smoke damage depending on show they start. With this fire being in the kitchen, the smoke and soot residue is very damaging. Our team will properly clean and restore this damage.

Smoke damage and fire damage in Morrisville kitchen

Fire damage in Morrisville, NC is devastating

Fire and smoke damage will leave your home looking and smelling burnt, which is expected.

What is not expected is rooms with no damage also having that smell. Our team is trained in fire damage restoration, and we can get the burnt smell removed from the undamaged areas of your home as well. 

water damage caused these wood floors to need drying equipment

Storms can bring rising waters into your Apex, NC home.

With the extremely active storm season this year, high waters have infiltrated many Apex, NC homes.

Here we arrived to an extremely wet floor. We extracted as much water as we could and then set up an intense drying process to ensure we prevent secondary damage.

water damaged bathroom with flooring and other things removed and drying equipment set up

Heavy rains can bring with them all types of property damage

There are a few types of damage that the storm can bring, but sewage back up is the most unpleasant of them all.

Luckily this Morrisville, NC homeowner knew who to call for help. The amount of sewage in their home was minimal, but it requires a specific process to ensure the area is not only dry, but properly disinfected as well. Our team handled it quickly and efficiently. 

Team of SERVPRO technicians dressed in proper PPE sanitizing a commercial building

We can help you get your business to a new level of clean

Our team is properly trained in infectious disease protocol disinfection.

Here we arrived to a local Raleigh, NC business to help them take extra precautions. They are working to keep their employees and customers safe while maintaining all proper regulations.

ceiling in a storage closet caved in due to water damage

When a pipe leaks it can cause damage to your sheetrock

 A storage closet in this office began to fall apart due to a leaky pipe.

We arrived to assess the damage to this Morrisville, NC office and began to remove the water damaged materials. Once the pipe was repaired and the leaking stopped we could properly dry the area and begin reconstruction.

Air movers and dehumidifiers are set up in a crawlspace under an office building

Water damage in your business can be time consuming to mitigate

Our team has the resources and the expertise to mitigate any water damage from any area of your building.

We will respond quickly as we did for this Apex, NC business owner. He needed help immediately and we responded in a big way! We extracted the water and set up the proper drying equipment to prevent secondary damage.

fire damaged materials removed from Morrisville home

We have the expertise to restore your fire damaged property

Our team here in Raleigh, NC can respond quickly to your fire damage.

We will carefully remove all the fire damaged materials from your home which can include sheet rock and flooring. Our fire restoration team will work hard to restore your property to pre-fire condition.

Break room water damage with flooring removed and air movers set up

Local small business damaged by water

Here in Apex, NC, this small business had a pipe burst spewing water all over the first floor.

Our team arrived quickly and began the mitigation process by extracting the water and then removing all the damaged materials.

commercial building with water damage

Our team is here to help clean up the damage

Water is damaging when it invades your commercial property.

Our team of water damage restoration experts are armed with the right mitigation equipment to get your commercial building back to pre-damage condition. 

smoke damage in a kitchen

Smoke damage in Morrisville, NC

Smoke from a fire damages more than the fire itself. 

This home in Morrisville, NC was more damaged by the smoke than the flames. Our team has the expertise to restore the damage from the flames as well as the smoke and soot.

Fire damaged home halfway through the demolition phase

We are here to restore your home to pre-fire condition

A fire is incredibly devastating. The damage can go far beyond structural.

This Apex homeowner learned just how devastating fires are first hand. They called our team after the fire trucks left and they were extremely happy with the restoration work we performed on not only the structure but also the contents within their home.

Bathroom with water damaged materials removed and SERVPRO worker working to mitigate the damgae.

SERVPRO of Southwest Raleigh/Holly Springs is here for you

When the storm blows through the damage that is left behind can be devastating.

When the water seeps into your home or business due to the storm, our team can come in and remove the damage just as we are doing here in this Morrisville home.

Water damaged home with air movers and dehumidifiers set out to speed up the drying process

Drying equipment placement is crucial

It is not just about what equipment we use, but where we place it.

Our team is highly trained in the science behind water and its effects on different types of materials. We also have expertise in placing our state of the art equipment in the correct positions to have the best level of effectiveness.

Air movers directing air flow to the ceiling where the damage is

When you call our restoration experts, we show up!

No matter the severity of the damage, our team is ready to respond.

SERVPRO of Southwest Raleigh/Holly Springs has the resources to respond to your water damage any time, day or night. This Apex, NC resident can attest to our response time after hours.

Water soaked concrete floor in a garage from a leaking hot water heater

Hot water heaters can cause major damage

This hot water heater had a cracked valve and began leaking while the homeowners were away!

Luckily once they returned to their Apex, NC home, they called our team immediately. The faster our crews can arrive and begin work, the best we can minimize the damage.

Water extraction mats and drying mats set out with and air mover to dry the affected areas.

Water extraction and drying will help prevent secondary damage

Water was slowly leaking from the supply line behind a washing machine.

When our team was called in to this Morrisville, NC home, we began the water extraction process and also set up a concentrated flow of air with our drying mats. 

Clear standing water in living room over wood floors

Standing water in the living room is never good!

When the supply line burst in the kitchen of this Fuquay Varina home water was sent everywhere.

Our team began with water extraction to remove as much of the standing water as possible. Then we were able to set out drying equipment to remove the excess moisture.

Wood flooring semi removed exposing mold growth under neath  it

Water damage can lead to more costly repairs

A slow leak in a supply line of this Morrisville, NC home has lead to more than just water damage.

We arrived to assess a wet spot in the flooring in this Morrisville home. The homeowner suspected there was a small leak in a supply line. He repaired the issue but discovered a wet spot as well as a musty odor. We discovered the mold and mildew that formed beneath the flooring.

Water damaged master bathroom with drying equipment set up

Pipes can make a huge mess in your Apex home

A pipe break in this Apex, NC home caused major water damage.

We arrived quickly to assess the damage and began mitigation immediately. During our process we found a few areas that had been collecting moisture for quite some time. We then shifted gears into mold remediation after discussing our concerns with the homeowner. He was grateful we found it and were able to remediate the issue.

green dehumidifier set inside of a flooded crawl space

Our team can help with your flooded crawl space

SERVPRO of Southwest Raleigh/Holly Springs is here to help when your crawl space floods.

In Morrisville, NC this homeowner thought they could handle the water damage in their home until they discovered the mess in the crawl space. As it turns out, the problem was much bigger than they originally thought! 

subfloors exposed and wet due to a broken pipe.

When a pipe breaks, the damage can be quite massive

When this Apex homeowner returned home from a weekend away, they were greeted with water damage.

A pipe had cracked and leaked water throughout their home. When we arrived to provide water damage cleanup, we were prepared for a full demo due to the water sitting dormant for quite a period of time. Luckily the only damage present was water and not mold.

water damaged flooring with air movers set up to dry the affected area

When water invades, call our team for help

Our crews are ready to respond to your call anytime, day or night.

When this Garner homeowner had a pipe leak, we were there to help. We extracted the water and placed the drying equipment to ensure the area dried properly.

Firefighter in full gear standing in front of fire damaged home

Fires are devastating and damaging

If your house falls victim to a fire, making sure you know who can help.

We have fire restoration experts who are highly trained and fully prepared to respond to any loss 24/7/365. Our team will be there to help you get your fire damaged home restored to preloss condition.

mold growing in a clear dish being help by a hand in a white glove

Water damage can quickly cause other damages

Water is damaging all on its own, however if it is not properly mitigated, the secondary damage can be more costly to restore.

Mold only needs a small amount of moisture and the right temperatures to grow and multiply. Once it has formed, the remediation process requires a team of trained professionals. Our team is ready for your call!

Rushing waters from heavy rains flooding local areas

Storms can damage your home

As storms threaten to damage your home or business, it is important to be ready for the damage they can leave behind.

When high winds and rising waters cause damage to our local Raleigh communities, we are here to restore the homes and businesses affected. We are always here to help!

Hot water heater connections

Hot Water Heater Failure

The More You Know

Over time hot water heaters will need maintenance. No matter the size or if it's heating a home or a commercial building, it could fail if not taken care of. 

This commercial property suffered water damage when the connections to the hot water heater cracked. This allowed water to flow throughout the first floor of the facility.

Man working in a bathroom to find the water damage

Water Damage in Your Home?

We're Here to Help

Our team of dedicated restoration experts are highly trained for any type of water damage.

When water damages your home, it is important to know where the water came from. This will help our team determine the best action to take toward mitigation

SERVPRO employees dressed in full PPE and sanitizing a place of business in Raleigh with fogging techniques

A Higher Standard of Clean

Trained and Ready

SERVPRO of Southwest Raleigh/Holly Springs is able to provide regular sanitization cleanings for your business.

Our team is working hard to make sure this local Raleigh business is clean and sanitized adding an extra step to precautionary safety for their employees!