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Restaurant being restored after damages

Helping Business Owners

Commercial Water Damage

SERVPRO of Southwest Raleigh and Holly Springs was called to this restaurant after discovering water damages. Our team of restoration specialists inspected the building before bringing in necessary equipment to begin the restoration process

We are thorough with our inspections, searching for the source of the damages and what inside the building has been affected. 

Water damaged home with air movers and dehumidifiers set out to speed up the drying process

Drying equipment placement is crucial

It is not just about what equipment we use, but where we place it.

Our team is highly trained in the science behind water and its effects on different types of materials. We also have expertise in placing our state of the art equipment in the correct positions to have the best level of effectiveness.

Air movers directing air flow to the ceiling where the damage is

When you call our restoration experts, we show up!

No matter the severity of the damage, our team is ready to respond.

SERVPRO of Southwest Raleigh/Holly Springs has the resources to respond to your water damage any time, day or night. This Apex, NC resident can attest to our response time after hours.

Wood flooring semi removed exposing mold growth under neath  it

Water damage can lead to more costly repairs

A slow leak in a supply line of this Morrisville, NC home has lead to more than just water damage.

We arrived to assess a wet spot in the flooring in this Morrisville home. The homeowner suspected there was a small leak in a supply line. He repaired the issue but discovered a wet spot as well as a musty odor. We discovered the mold and mildew that formed beneath the flooring.

Water damaged master bathroom with drying equipment set up

Pipes can make a huge mess in your Apex home

A pipe break in this Apex, NC home caused major water damage.

We arrived quickly to assess the damage and began mitigation immediately. During our process we found a few areas that had been collecting moisture for quite some time. We then shifted gears into mold remediation after discussing our concerns with the homeowner. He was grateful we found it and were able to remediate the issue.

subfloors exposed and wet due to a broken pipe.

When a pipe breaks, the damage can be quite massive

When this Apex homeowner returned home from a weekend away, they were greeted with water damage.

A pipe had cracked and leaked water throughout their home. When we arrived to provide water damage cleanup, we were prepared for a full demo due to the water sitting dormant for quite a period of time. Luckily the only damage present was water and not mold.

SERVPRO employees dressed in full PPE and sanitizing a place of business in Raleigh with fogging techniques

A Higher Standard of Clean

Trained and Ready

SERVPRO of Southwest Raleigh/Holly Springs is able to provide regular sanitization cleanings for your business.

Our team is working hard to make sure this local Raleigh business is clean and sanitized adding an extra step to precautionary safety for their employees!