Fire Damage Photo Gallery

smoke damage on ceiling of apex home due to kitchen fire

Fire damage may be minimal but smoke and soot can be devastating

Even when the fire is small, the damage will be resounding in your Apex, NC home.

Small fires can cause major smoke damage depending on show they start. With this fire being in the kitchen, the smoke and soot residue is very damaging. Our team will properly clean and restore this damage.

Smoke damage and fire damage in Morrisville kitchen

Fire damage in Morrisville, NC is devastating

Fire and smoke damage will leave your home looking and smelling burnt, which is expected.

What is not expected is rooms with no damage also having that smell. Our team is trained in fire damage restoration, and we can get the burnt smell removed from the undamaged areas of your home as well. 

fire damaged materials removed from Morrisville home

We have the expertise to restore your fire damaged property

Our team here in Raleigh, NC can respond quickly to your fire damage.

We will carefully remove all the fire damaged materials from your home which can include sheet rock and flooring. Our fire restoration team will work hard to restore your property to pre-fire condition.

smoke damage in a kitchen

Smoke damage in Morrisville, NC

Smoke from a fire damages more than the fire itself. 

This home in Morrisville, NC was more damaged by the smoke than the flames. Our team has the expertise to restore the damage from the flames as well as the smoke and soot.

Fire damaged home halfway through the demolition phase

We are here to restore your home to pre-fire condition

A fire is incredibly devastating. The damage can go far beyond structural.

This Apex homeowner learned just how devastating fires are first hand. They called our team after the fire trucks left and they were extremely happy with the restoration work we performed on not only the structure but also the contents within their home.

Firefighter in full gear standing in front of fire damaged home

Fires are devastating and damaging

If your house falls victim to a fire, making sure you know who can help.

We have fire restoration experts who are highly trained and fully prepared to respond to any loss 24/7/365. Our team will be there to help you get your fire damaged home restored to preloss condition.