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Three team members in PPE.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Ready to Go

Our SERVPRO crew offers commercial decontamination and high-touchpoint cleaning services to give you as a business owner peace of mind when conducting your day-to-day operations in your Raleigh, NC, business.

Team of SERVPRO technicians dressed in proper PPE sanitizing a commercial building

We can help you get your business to a new level of clean

Our team is properly trained in infectious disease protocol disinfection.

Here we arrived to a local Raleigh, NC business to help them take extra precautions. They are working to keep their employees and customers safe while maintaining all proper regulations.

ceiling in a storage closet caved in due to water damage

When a pipe leaks it can cause damage to your sheetrock

 A storage closet in this office began to fall apart due to a leaky pipe.

We arrived to assess the damage to this Morrisville, NC office and began to remove the water damaged materials. Once the pipe was repaired and the leaking stopped we could properly dry the area and begin reconstruction.

Air movers and dehumidifiers are set up in a crawlspace under an office building

Water damage in your business can be time consuming to mitigate

Our team has the resources and the expertise to mitigate any water damage from any area of your building.

We will respond quickly as we did for this Apex, NC business owner. He needed help immediately and we responded in a big way! We extracted the water and set up the proper drying equipment to prevent secondary damage.

Break room water damage with flooring removed and air movers set up

Local small business damaged by water

Here in Apex, NC, this small business had a pipe burst spewing water all over the first floor.

Our team arrived quickly and began the mitigation process by extracting the water and then removing all the damaged materials.

commercial building with water damage

Our team is here to help clean up the damage

Water is damaging when it invades your commercial property.

Our team of water damage restoration experts are armed with the right mitigation equipment to get your commercial building back to pre-damage condition. 

Hot water heater connections

Hot Water Heater Failure

The More You Know

Over time hot water heaters will need maintenance. No matter the size or if it's heating a home or a commercial building, it could fail if not taken care of. 

This commercial property suffered water damage when the connections to the hot water heater cracked. This allowed water to flow throughout the first floor of the facility.